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March 2019 at Jeffreys Books

This month we introduce you to the 2019 Stella Prize Shortlist. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 9 April. These six books by Australian women "are concerned with the most important questions of how to live now, and writers demonstrate first-rate critical thinking capabilities, tremendous imagination and a readiness to take risks with form".
In Malvern we're very lucky to have a group of avid readers and lots of very local authors. We congratulate these local authors on the recent release of their books: Leah Kaminsky - 'The Hollow Bones' (fiction based on fact), Anna Ciddor - '52 Mondays' (perfect for middle readers) and Kym Lackmann - 'The Art of Luxury Downsizing' (a practical guide) and Darren Chaitman - 'Clara The Heavy-Hearted Pug'. If you know of other local authors who are releasing books, we'd love to hear about it.
Happy reading,
Linda and the Jeffreys Team

Event: In Conversation with Leah Kaminsky, author of The Hollow Bones 
We invite you to join with us in welcoming Leah Kaminsky, author of 'The Waiting Room' and 'We're All Going to Die' as she discusses her latest novel 'The Hollow Bones' and the research undertaken to write it.
Using material discovered in field diaries, letters, films, photographs, and secret documents, the novel tells the story behind the flawed scientist Ernst Schafer, through the eyes of his ill-fated lover, Herta. Nazism proved a convenient short-cut to personal glory for Schafer who, accompanied by a group of SS scientists, would trek across inhospitable, treacherous terrain, on a mission to conduct experiments to prove their Nordic heritage.
6.30pm - 8.00pm
Thursday 21 March
RSVP on 95095133

Book Club News
We currently have a waitlist for an additional book club. If you'd like to join a book club, please let us know as we're hoping to have numbers for an additional option very shortly. 

Last Tuesday Book Club (Fiction)
Dear Mrs Bird - A.J. Pearce
Emmeline Lake and her best friend Bunty are doing their bit for the war effort and trying to stay cheerful, despite the German planes making their nightly raids. Emmy dreams of becoming a Lady War Correspondent, and when she spots a job advertisement in the newspaper she seizes her chance; but after a rather unfortunate misunderstanding, she finds herself typing letters for the formidable Henrietta Bird, renowned advice columnist of Woman's Friend magazine.
Mrs. Bird is very clear: letters containing any Unpleasantness must go straight into the bin. But as Emmy reads the desperate pleas from women who many have Gone Too Far with the wrong man, or can't bear to let their children be evacuated, she begins to secretly write back to the readers who have poured out their troubles.
In-store on Tuesday 26 March at 7 pm. Contact us to reserve your place on 9509 5133.

Connection Book Club
The Pearl Thief - Fiona McIntosh
Severine Kassel is asked by the Louvre in 1963 to aid the British Museum with curating its antique jewellery, her specialty. Her London colleagues find her distant and mysterious, her cool beauty the topic of conversations around its quiet halls. No one could imagine that she is a desperately damaged woman, hiding her trauma behind her chic, French image. It is only when some dramatic Byzantine pearls are loaned to the Museum that Severine's poise is dashed and the tightly controlled life she's built around herself is shattered. Her shocking revelation of their provenance sets off a frenzied hunt for Nazi Ruda Mayek. Mossad's interest is triggered and one of its most skilled agents comes out of retirement to join the hunt, while the one person who can help Severine - the solicitor handling the pearls - is bound by client confidentiality.
Tuesday 26 March at 10:30 am. Contact us to reserve your place on 9509 5133.

Dear Uncle Jeffrey,
I was recently told of a thought experiment that goes something like this: Mary has spent her entire life in a colourless environment. She has never experienced colour before, but has learned all of the physical facts about human colour perception. One day, Mary enters a colourful environment, and is confronted with a bed of bright red roses. The question, then, is whether Mary, in seeing the colour red for the first time, has learnt something new about colour perception? 
The thought experiment, formulated by Frank Jackson, exists to challenge the thesis that the world is fully made up of things that can be explained in physical terms, since, intuitively, it seems that Mary would learn something new upon stepping into the colourful environment, that she could not learn in the colourless environment. It tries to assert the existence of qualia, which can be defined as individual instances of subjective, conscious experience, for example pain, taste, or colour sensations, like the redness of the roses. 
The thought experiment made me think about my own experience of qualia, and whether I have reflected enough on the magic of these phenomena. Are there any books to help me appreciate such instances of subjective, conscious experience? 
In reflection,

Dear Amber
This is a very thought provoking question. I have a friend who often asks me, 'What colour are those clouds?' I generally respond with a quick white or sometimes grey. Then I'm challenged on it to see beyond my assumptions of what I'm viewing. Reluctantly I generally discover there is a hint of chartreuse or amber or oft-times rose (reader you can check this for yourself). You will know that I'm a decisive person and like to know the answer. You can imagine how these ambiguous assertions pique my indignation.
For your reference, here are some books that I research to hone my visual acuity. Of course, these are only for colour. Now, love, pain, taste... that's for another time.
Yours one-eyed,
Uncle Jeffrey
*Note: Clouds has been used as an example here but I encourage you to look again and describe what you see - is it green or grey, faun or tan? 

Featured Fiction
Exploded View - Carrie Tiffany
A dangerous man moves in with a mother and her two adolescent children. The man runs an unlicensed mechanic's workshop at the back of their property. The girl resists the man with silence, and finally with sabotage. She fights him at the place where she believes his heart lives - in the engine of the car. Set at the close of the 1970s and traversing thousands of kilometres of inland roads, Exploded View is a revelatory interrogation of Australian girlhood. Must a girl always be a part - how can she become a whole? 

The Glad Shout - Alice Robinson
After a catastrophic storm destroys Melbourne, Isobel flees to higher ground with her husband and young daughter. Food and supplies run low, panic sets in and still no help arrives. To protect her daughter, Isobel must take drastic action.
'The Glad Shout' is an extraordinary novel of rare depth and texture. Told in a starkly visual and compelling narrative, this is a deeply moving homage to motherhood and the struggles faced by women in difficult times.

Islands - Peggy Frew
There was a house on a hill in the city and it was full of us, our family, but then it began to empty. We fell out. We made a mess. We draped ourselves in blame and disappointment and lurched around, bumping into each other. Some of us wailed and shouted; some of us barely made a sound. None of us was listening, or paying attention. And in the middle of it all you, very quietly, were gone.
Helen and John are too preoccupied with making a mess of their marriage to notice the quiet ways in which their daughters are suffering. Junie grows up brittle and defensive, Anna difficult and rebellious. When fifteen-year-old Anna fails to come home one night, her mother's not too worried; Anna's taken off before but always returned. Helen waits three days to report her disappearance. But this time Anna doesn't come back ...

Unto Us a Son is Given (Brunetti #28) - Donna Leon
Brunetti's father-in-law, the Count Falier, urges Brunetti to investigate and intervene in the seemingly innocent plan of the Count's best friend, the elderly Gonzalo Rodriguez de Tejeda, to adopt a much younger man as his son. 
Under Italian inheritance laws this man would become heir to Gonzalo's entire fortune, a prospect Gonzalo's friends find appalling. For his part, Brunetti wonders why the old man can't be allowed his pleasure in peace. Not long after Gonzalo unexpectedly passes away, one of Gonzalo's oldest friends, just arrived in Venice for the memorial service, is strangled in her hotel room. Now with an urgent case to solve, Brunetti is drawn reluctantly into the long-hidden mystery in Gonzalo's life that ultimately led to murder.

Hunter (Timothy Blake #2) - Jack Heath
Timothy Blake, ex-consultant for the FBI, now works in body-disposal for a local crime lord. One night he stumbles across a body he wasn't supposed to find and is forced to hide it. When the FBI calls Blake in to investigate a missing university professor, Blake recognises him as the dead man in his freezer. 
Then another man goes missing. And another. 
There's a serial killer in Houston, Texas, and Blake is running out of time to solve the case.

Featured Non-Fiction 
David Morgan: An Extraordinary Life - Oliver Brown
While most might imagine David Morgan AO to have a conservative economic background, the truth is far more exotic. Prior to becoming the CEO of a global top-20 bank, he overcame the scars of his father's bankruptcy, starred alongside Olivia Newton-John as a child actor, turned down a spot at Richmond Football Club, survived a stand-off with an African dictator, and served in the Treasury of the Hawke-Keating government as it liberalised Australia's economy.

Questions I Am Asked About the Holocaust - Heidi Fried
'There are no stupid questions, nor any forbidden ones, but there are some questions that have no answer.'
Hedi Fried was nineteen when the Nazis snatched her family from their home in Eastern Europe and transported them to Auschwitz, where her parents were murdered and she and her sister were forced into hard labour until the end of the war.
Now ninety-four, she has spent her life educating young people about the Holocaust and answering their questions about one of the darkest periods in human history. Questions like, 'How was it to live in the camps??, 'Did you dream at night?', 'Why did Hitler hate the Jews?, and 'Can you forgive?'.

When the Dogs Don't Bark - Professor Angela Gallop
The compelling memoir from the UK's most eminent forensic scientist and some of the most fascinating criminal investigations she has worked on. 'The dead keep many secrets. Sometimes they are the only witness to a crime. But ask the right questions, and they will eventually reveal everything.' Never before has criminal justice rested so heavily on scientific evidence. With ever more sophisticated and powerful techniques at their disposal, forensic scientists have the ability to make or break a case. Angela Gallop has been a forensic scientist for over 40 years. After a brief spell studying sea slugs on the Isle of Wight, she joined the Forensic Science Service. Her first case was the Yorkshire Ripper. She is now the most sought-after forensic scientist in the UK.

Waltzing Matilda: Australia's Accidental Anthem - W. Benjamin Lindner
This song that started as an accidental collaboration in outback Queensland in 1895 caused the death of a seven-year relationship and went on to inspire a nation during World War II, following Banjo Paterson's death in 1941. Waltzing Matilda Australia's Accidental Anthem written by a criminal barrister, is a forensic history of the events, the people and the places that led to the writing of Australia's internationally famous song. This evidence-based approach dispels many of the myths and historical inaccuracies that have become folklore. The facts about the swagman, the contribution of Christina Macpherson and Sarah Riley and the timing and the place of the composition are all revealed.

Going Back - Munjed Al Muderis with Patrick Weaver
Munjed's new book is once more a journey, but this time takes him across the world on a quest to save others rather than himself.
In his new book Munjed shares the extraordinary journey that his life-changing new surgical technique has taken him on. Through osseointegration, he implants titanium rods into the human skeleton and attaches robotic limbs, allowing patients genuine, effective and permanent mobility. 
Munjed has performed this operation on hundreds of Australian civilians, wounded British soldiers who've lost legs in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a survivor of the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand. But nothing has been as extraordinary as his return to Iraq after eighteen years at the invitation of the Iraqi government to operate on soldiers, police and civilian amputees wounded in the horrific war against ISIS. 

Kindred: A Cradle Mountain Love Story - Kate Legge
He was an Austrian immigrant; she came from Tasmania. He grew up beside the Carinthian Alps; she climbed mountains when few women dared. Their honeymoon glimpse of Cradle Mountain lit an urge that filled their waking hours. Others might have kept this splendour to themselves, but Gustav Weindorfer and Kate Cowle sensed the significance of a place they sought to share with the world.
When they stood on the peak in the heat of January 1910, they imagined a national park for all. 'Kindred: A Cradle Mountain Love Story' traces the achievements of these unconventional adventurers and their fight to preserve the wilderness where they pioneered eco-tourism.

From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage: How Australia Got Compulsory Voting - Judith Brett
It's compulsory to vote in Australia. We are one of a handful of countries in the world that enforce this rule at election time, and the only English-speaking country that makes its citizens vote. Not only that, we embrace it. We celebrate compulsory voting with barbeques and cake stalls at polling stations, and election parties that spill over into Sunday morning. But how did this come to be? When and why did we begin making Australians vote? What effect has it had on our political parties, our voting systems, our participation in elections? And how else is the way we vote different from other English-speaking democracies? From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage is a brilliant essay-length book by the celebrated historian Judith Brett, the prize-winning biographer of Alfred Deakin. This is a landmark account of the character of Australian democracy.

Featured Young Adult
The Burning - Laura Bates
Fire is like a rumour. You might think you've extinguished it but one creeping, red tendril, one single wisp of smoke is enough to let it leap back into life again. Especially if someone is watching, waiting to fan the flames... New school. Tick. New town. Tick. New surname. Tick. Social media profiles? Erased. There's nothing to trace Anna back to her old life. Nothing to link her to the 'incident'. At least that's what she thinks... until the whispers start up again. As time begins to run out on her secrets, Anna finds herself irresistibly drawn to the tale of Maggie, a local girl accused of witchcraft centuries earlier. A girl whose story has terrifying parallels to Anna's own... 

The Twisted Tree - Rachel Burge
Part ghost story, part Nordic thriller - this is a twisty, tense and spooky YA debut, perfect for fans of 'Coraline'. 
Martha can tell things about a person just by touching their clothes, as if their emotions and memories have been absorbed into the material. It started the day she fell from the tree at her grandma's cabin and became blind in one eye.
Determined to understand her strange ability, Martha sets off to visit her grandmother, Mormor - only to discover Mormor is dead, a peculiar boy is in her cabin and a terrifying creature is on the loose.
Then the spinning wheel starts creaking, books move around and terror creeps in...

What I Like About Me - Jenna Guillaume
The last thing sixteen-year-old Maisie Martin thought she'd be doing this summer is entering a beauty pageant. Not when she's spent most of her life hiding her body from everyone. Not when her Dad is AWOL for Christmas and her gorgeous older sister has returned to rock Maisie's shaky confidence. And her best friend starts going out with the boy she's always loved. But Maisie's got something to prove. As she writes down all the ways this summer is going from bad to worse in her school-assignment journal, what starts as a homework torture-device might just end up being an account of how Maisie didn't let anything, or anyone, hold her back...

Nothing But the Truth - Dick Lehr
Inspired by the true story of a young man's false imprisonment for murder, this is a gripping novel about a daughter's fight for justice against the odds.
In his first book for teenagers, Dick Lehr, a former reporter for the Boston Globe's famous Spotlight Team, has re-imagined a case he investigated to create a compelling story about a daughter determined to prove her father's innocence. On a hot summer night in Boston, a thirteen-year-old African-American girl became the innocent victim of gang-related gunfire. Amid public outcry, an immediate manhunt was on to catch the murderer, and a young African-American man was quickly apprehended, charged, and – wrongly – convicted of the crime.

Featured Middle and Junior Reads
52 Mondays - Anna Ciddor
We're going to look everywhere,' said Anna. And they did. When Anna sets out to find the doll of her dreams, her two younger sisters are eager to help. But it's not easy. This is 1960s Australia and there's no computer or internet yet. This is a time when teachers still write with chalk, cars have no seatbelts, and Mr Whippy sells ice-cream cones for half a penny. Anna and her sisters fill their days with fun, mischief and adventure - like the time Anna glues a block of wood to her middle sister's foot, then worries it will be stuck there forever! They celebrate birthdays and Passover together, cope with friends being mean, and feed peanuts to the bears at the zoo. Inspired by the author's real childhood, this is a warm, funny and fascinating family story from the author of 'The Family with Two Front Doors'.

The Fork, The Witch, and the Worm: Tales from Alagaesia (Eragon) - Christopher Paolini
It's been a year since Eragon departed Alagaësia in search of the perfect home to train a new generation of Dragon Riders. Now he is struggling with an endless sea of tasks: constructing a vast dragonhold, wrangling with suppliers, guarding dragon eggs and dealing with belligerent Urgals and haughty elves. Then a vision from the Eldunarí, unexpected visitors and an exciting Urgal legend offer a much-needed distraction and a new perspective. This volume features three original stories set in Alagaësia, interspersed with scenes from Eragon's own unfolding adventure. Included is an excerpt from the memoir of the unforgettable witch and fortune-teller Angela the herbalist, penned by Angela Paolini, the inspiration for the character, herself! Relish the incomparable imagination of Christopher Paolini in this thrilling new collection of stories based in the world of the Inheritance Cycle.

Boss Girl (Girltopia #2) - Hilary Rogers
Girltopia, as everyone now calls the city, is in the grip of a strange virus that affects only men and boys. In the race to find a cure for the virus, Clara and her bestie, Arabella, have a secret to keep. And it is a big secret. When Clara starts receiving strange messages from a mysterious group called The Girlhoods, she needs to make some tough decisions about who to trust, and who to protect. Girltopia is a new world, and Clara is at the centre of it!

Bullseye Bella - James T. Guthrie
Twelve-year-old Bella Kerr is a darts prodigy. And when she finds out that her little brother's special schooling is at risk because of lack of money, Bella secretly enters a darts competition at the local pub. The old boys' network of darts players are not happy, none more than the gold-suited charmer, Frankie Goldfinger Phillips, a five-time national champion, who will do anything to stop Bella qualifying for nationals.

Secrets Hidden Below (The Adamson Adventures Bk #1) - Sandra Bennett
The Adamson family are set for a surfing holiday in Bali they'll never forget. Dad wants to surf all day and Mum wants to shop. Zac is eager to explore a sunken WWII shipwreck. Luke is keen to cause mischief wherever he goes. Clare on the other hand, just wants to stay out of trouble. But while building sandcastles on Kuta Beach, the kids unearth a surprising find that dramatically changes their holiday. Curiosity leads them on a dangerous path to an adventure where difficulties lurk around every corner. 'Secrets Hidden Below' takes the reader on an intriguing treasure hunt around an exotic tropical island that includes plenty of rotten-egg gas, a guardian snake and a volcano spirit you definitely, don't want to anger.

Hotel Flamingo - Alex Milway
When young Anna inherits a dilapidated once-grand hotel from her Great Aunt Mathilde, she's determined to restore it to its former glory. But this is no ordinary hotel - all of her staff and guests are animals!
Anna soon rises to the challenge. Whether it's a flamingo, a penguin or a hippo knocking at the door, Anna is ready to welcome them all - with the help of her trusty sidekicks T Bear the doorman, Squeak the friendly mouse, and Lemmy the lemur receptionist... As she soon finds out though, running an animal hotel is no easy task.

Cowboy and Birdbrain - Adam Wallace
Cowboy and Birdbrain are best friends who work for I.F.F.Y. delivery company, a company that do the riskiest, zaniest, most bizarre deliveries ever. They're known for their F.A.R.T.S. (Fast and Reliable Tracking Service). Cowboy is the brains of the operation, and Birdbrain - well, he is a brain but he's just not brain-y if you get the drift... Anyway, this dubious duo are not the best or even second-best deliverers at IFFY DELIVERIES. They're the WORST. But they're also the funniest! 

The Great Big Book of Life - Mary Hoffman & Ros Asquith
A glorious, diverse celebration of human life, from birth to death, by Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith.
The sixth title in the Great Big Book series explores every stage of human life. From birth to starting nursery, being a teenager to becoming an adult, from work to relationships, homes and jobs, to aging illness and death. A universal but challenging topic is dealt with Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith's trademark sensitivity and humour and inclusivity.

Featured Children's Picture Books
Ivanhoe Swift Left Home at Six - Jane Godwin
Ivanhoe Swift left home when he was six. He had heard many songs about the world, and it was time to see it for himself. 'We won't know where you are!' cried his father. 'I'll know where you are,' said Ivanhoe. 'And you can look out for my kite in the sky. Goodbye, parents!' A delightful story about setting off to see the world... and the joy in coming home again.

Baz and Benz - Heidi McKinnon
From the creator of 'I Just Ate My Friend', this is a gorgeous and hilarious exploration of enduring friendship.
'Benz, are we friends?'
'Yes, Baz, we are best friends'
'For how long?'
'For ever and ever.'
But what do you do when your best friend is... kind of annoying? A delightfully funny and warm-hearted story about a little owl exploring the boundaries of love.

The Go-Away Bird - Julia Donaldson
The Go-Away bird just wants to be left alone but when she finds herself in trouble she soon realizes that sometimes everyone needs a friend. A gorgeous story about friendship and working together from the inimitable Julia Donaldson, and illustrated by award-winning artist Catherine Rayner.

Lazy Daisy - Carolyn Cas Goodwin
All of Jasper's dreams come true when he finds his very own 'puppy dog' to walk in Centenary Park. But Daisy the 'dog' isn't much of a walker - she tends to spend most of her day climbing gum trees and dozing. If only someone would explain to Jasper that Daisy is a koala, NOT a dog! Just as Jasper's about to give up on his dream, he has a madcap idea of how Daisy can still join him on his daily walk, whether she's asleep or not.  'Lazy Daisy' is a hilarious rhyming story that will have kids doubled over with laughter. 

The Sock (BumbleBunnies #2) - Graeme Base
The next exciting adventure of the BumbleBunnies! It's washing day, and Wuffle the puppy, Lou the kitten and Billington the duck watch the clothes blow about in the wind. But when disaster strikes once more, who will save the day? From the award-winning, bestselling creator of 'Animalia' comes a new series to delight young readers.

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